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We are a non-profit organisation and a Registered Charity and our members offer their services on an entirely voluntary basis.  Most of our members have had some form of life saving heart operation at varying levels. To express our thanks to Papworth hospital for our improved quality of life we enjoy raising funds to purchase new equipment that they require.In doing so we have become their major fund raiser and we are very proud of that fact. 

Our Chairman along with some of the Committee members visit Papworth hospital on a regular basis and meet with the Managers and Surgeons (always receiving a very warm welcome).We discuss at length what piece of life saving equipment has priority.We then purchase the equipment direct from the manufacturers and, being a charitable organisation can, in most cases, re-claim the VAT, thereby making better use of our hard earned raised funds. 

On a future visit, we are then taken to see the equipment in place.That is when all our hard work and effort is so rewarding. So many of us want to say a big "thank you" to Papworth and this is one way to show our thanks for our new found energy and zest for life. 

So...if you are expecting to undergo investigation of a Heart Condition or to have Major Heart Surgery and would like to talk to someone in confidence, please get in contact with us. This organisation was formed with YOU in mind so why not let us help to alleviate some of the anxiety and worry. 

There is someone in your district wherever you live and all it takes is a letter or phone call to us.


Club History

Early in 1981 Mr Reg Harvey from Clacton-on-Sea had heart surgery at Papworth Hospital and realised there wasn't anywhere in the country to help major heart surgery patients and their families to cop with the trauma of such operations.

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Papworth Hospital

The hospital treats over 22,800 inpatient and day cases and 53,400 outpatients each year from across the UK. Papworth Hospital’s services are internationally recognised and include cardiology, respiratory medicine, and cardiothoracic surgery and transplantation.

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